Scanning Services

Scanning your items is the simple solution to becoming more digital ready. There are so many uses today for digital images. Let's get you ready to take advantage of them.

Digitally Yours can scan your photos, slides, negatives and documents into digital images such as a .jpg file. Once you have your photos digital, you can sort them by event and in chronological order. You can easily search for your photos if you store them correctly.

Our high quality scanning will allow you to store and search for your memories on your computer. We clean each photo, scan it to a digital image, anti-fade the image and make sure it is right side up.  All your new digital images are delivered to you on a USB stick or data DVD.

You can use your digital images to create online scrapbooks, upload your photos to make Christmas cards or add your photos to a digital card and view them in your digital photo frame device. Share your memories on Facebook or Instagram or by email with loved ones and old friends. Create calendars for Grandma and Grandpa or one for the office! Shock your friends with old childhood photos on will certainly get some fun posts from this!

One of the biggest advantages of having all your photos digital is that you have just created a backup of your photos. Share them with your family by simply giving them a USB stick or DVD with your images on them or better yet, store them in a secure location and never worry about losing or destroying your precious photos to fire or water damage. Ask us about making multiple copies of your project to share with family.

Get into the digital world today by contacting Digitally Yours.