Tape Transfer

We transfer Camcorder and VHS tapes copies to DVD or MP4 files. Pull out your old tapes including VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8 and MiniDV and bring those memories back into your life. Your newly transferred movie includes titles, chapter marks and Dolby Digital sound.

We will record around 2.5 hours of your movies onto one DVD. Our low price includes one tape per DVD, so one tape to one DVD transfer.

DVDs will including a DVD case or clam shell case, DVD title, and chapter marks every 5 minutes. Each DVD will have Dolby Digital sound quality.

Our packages include either a DVD case or clam shell packaging. Both will come with a colored DVD with printed title image. The DVD case package will also include a colored DVD case insert with your movie's title.

MP4 files can also be created and stored on a USB stick. This format does require DVD to be created as well, so a DVD always come with an MP4 file (for backup reasons).

Tape Transfer Types
Video 8 (8mm)