State and local sales tax will be collected on all North Dakota orders
Prices are subject to change without notice

Minimum order of $15 on any scanning project.

Here's and easy way to watch your slides....
in a Slides to DVD Movie created by Digitally Yours!

Yes, we can create a Slides to DVD movie of all your slides and negatives so you can watch them on your TV or computer. Pick music to fit the theme or time frame of your memories and we can add it to your movie. 

Just $100.00 for your movie with up to 250 slides or negatives.

Additional fees for larger movies.
Contact us for further information.

Complete Results
We scan, crop, correct the

orientation and anti-fade
each photo!

Scanning Pricing

Pictures & Documents

up to 8.5" x 12"

DPI        Price (each)

300        .60

600        .80    

Slides & Negatives

35 mm / 110 / 126

DPI        Price (each)

300        .65

600        .90