Scanning FAQ

General Scanning Questions

Q: Why should I scan my photo to digital format?
A: There are so many reasons to scan photos to digital, we will define a few:
1) The main reason is loss of your memories, whether this be from natural disaster, fire or theft. Most people feel a major loss of history when photos are lost, damaged or stolen.
2) A digital family library can be one of the most cherished gifts you can pass on to the next generation. This is a way to remember your heritage and teach your children about their ancestry.
3) Each family member can have a copy of the digital album and there will be no reason to argue over the one photo album left in the family estate. 
4) Moving, storage and weather can deteriorate your family photos and documents.
5) Boxes of loose photos never get put into albums or identified properly. Take the time to research who is in each photo once they are scanned. Email the photos to family members to properly identify them.
6) Scanning is a way to share the photos with family and friends. Print multiple copies of each photo or display them on your web site and Facebook page. 

Q: What size photos can be scanned?
A: Any photos up to 8.5” x 12” can be scanned. Even odd shaped photos can be scanned. Do not cut photos into shapes or odd sizes. If cropping is needed, this can be accomplished after the entire photo/item is scanned.

Q: What size negatives can be scanned?
A: Negatives widths measuring 1.75", 2.25" and 4" can be scanned.  If you have other sizes, please contact us.

Q: What size slides can be scanned?
A: Slides that measure 2”x2” can be scanned with our equipment. This includes any format of slides, as long as they measure 2”x2”. 

Q: Can you scan black and white photos?
A: Yes, color and black and white photo can be scanned.

Q: How do I put my items in the order I would like them scanned?
A: Group your items by topic (e.g. year, child, event), then place the photos in the order you would like them scanned. Finally place each group in an envelope or plastic bag and clearly mark on the envelope or bag the name of the group. See order form for more information.

Q: How are my items cleaned before they are scanned?
A: Photos surfaces are wiped with a cotton cloth and slides and negatives are cleaned with compressed air. Additionally the scanner surface is clean about every 5 scans. If your items and the scanner are not cleaned, the dust particles and fingerprints get scanned as part of the photo. 

Q: What format are my digital images stored in?
A: All digital images are stored as high quality .JPG files.

Q: How are my images returned to me in the digital format?
A: Your digital images will be put on a Data DVD or USB stick and returned to you.

Q: How are the scanned images named or numbered?
A: We name each image with a 3-digit number indicating the order the image was scanned (e.g. smith001.jpg, smith002.jpg).

Q: Can I send you my entire photo album and have you scan each photo?
A: We can scan each photo, however your photos must be removed from your album before sent to our lab for scanning. This is also true for picture frames. 

Other Questions

Q: How can I safeguard my items during shipping?
A: If you are in the local area, we will meet and exchange your material. If you are outside of the local area, you will mail your items to our studio - please follow these guidelines: 
1) Send your package with a trackable carrier, such as USPS, UPS or Fed Ex and you may want to consider putting insurance on it. 
2) Use padded materials to protect your valuable items during shipping. And we suggest you place your items in zip lock bags to protect against moisture.
3) Be certain to place the Scanning Form in the box with your materials. 
4) Finally, wrap your entire order in padded material, such as bubble wrap before placing it in a sturdy box for added protection during shipping. 

Q: What payment methods do you accept? 
A: We accept cash, personal checks, or Venmo.