A Digitally Yours Event Slideshow is the perfect way to bring your memories from the past into the present and preserve them for the future. This custom-made DVD photo slideshow will incorporate your elements and ideas into a specialized final product. We pan, zoom, float and fade your photos into a fun-filled trip down memory lane with explosive animations and backgrounds. We guarantee you will deliver laughter and tears at your special event!

Why have your memories in an album or in a box? Allow Digitally Yours to bring your memories alive and into your family room today! It is an excellent way to remember your heritage and preserve your family history or a moment in time. A Digitally Yours slideshow can be one of the most cherished gifts you can pass on to the next generation.

The process of creating an Event Slideshow can be made easy with tips and resources from our expert team. You provide the photos, videos and music and we will do the rest. Our staff has an eye for detail and will incorporate years of experience into each photo montage video. Choose the theme for your video and we will customize the rest adding titles, captions, various backgrounds and credits. Your video will have a title page with a customized design and music.

Your professional package is delivered in a authentic DVD case designed with custom artwork on the DVD case and DVD. Your digitally enhanced photos will also be included on your DVD. Two copies of the DVD Slideshow are included in every package. This one of a kind gift or keepsake will be remembered and cherished for many years to come.

Want to upload your Slideshow to the web or your computer?  We can also create/convert the slideshow to an MP4 file. Either provide us with a USB stick (4 GB minimum) or we also have them on hand and we will place the show on it for easy viewing, playing or uploading to the cloud.

Your photos and home movies are some of your most precious possessions. We realize and respect their importance and we will treat them as if they were our very own. All of our work is done in house, by hand with no automated processes. Your photos and videos are handled, stored and treated with special care. We take the time to do every DVD right, so put your worries to rest, your peace of mind is guaranteed with Digitally Yours.

Our event slideshow is customized to look professional, both on the screen and displayed on your shelf. This is a perfect way share your memories as a heartwarming gift DVD keepsake or USB stick for yourself or someone special. Each photo is scanned, touched up and perfected before becoming a part of the slideshow. Your Event Slideshow is also a way to preserve your video and photos. Create a video a memory you will watch over and over again.

Event Slideshows