General Slideshow Questions

Q: What is an Event Slideshow?
A: We define an Event Slideshow as an on screen presentation of your photos and video with title and captions. The presentation displays your photos with various backgrounds one after another in a themed production. This has also been called a photo montage, video collage, picture or photo DVD.

Q: When is an Event Slideshow used?
A: There are many occasions or events to use a slideshow. It can be an event with guests or something private as a keepsake for yourself. The most common uses of an event slideshow are at wedding receptions, graduation open houses and anniversary parties. Slideshows can be created for your event or given as gifts, such as a wedding day slideshow, which is typically given as a gift to the bride and groom after the fact. This slideshow displays the photos from their wedding day formal and informal, along shots from the reception and dance. For additional event ideas, please see our slideshow ideas section.

Q: I see offers for similar types of photo slideshow from large print companies, how is a Digitally Yours slideshow different?
A: The large print companies offer a 'cookie-cutter' slide with simple fade in and out to the next photo, resulting in an impersonal presentation. Your photos will be used just as you send them to the large company, where each photo processed by our staff will be touched and perfected to get the maximum impact for your slideshow. Digitally Yours slideshow will pan, zoom, float and fade your photos into a fun-filled trip down memory lane with explosive animations and backgrounds.

We also custom edit your music selections, as they can be faded in an out as you want them, the entire song does not have to be used. We sync sound with sight to deliver a profound emotional impact between your audio track and photos.

Q: Can't I make my own slideshow?
A: Yes, this can be done with your own software, time and expertise. However, a Digitally Yours Event Slideshow offers you proven talent, experience and the professional equipment from start to finish. We take the time to digitally enhance each photo using our state of the art tools and craft a professional quality video presentation with our high end software. Doing the slideshow on your own can be time consuming and frustrating, and many consumer slideshow programs limit you on the capabilities you can use for motion and effects. Our talented staff, with professional tools, also has an eye for detail and expertise to create you a professionally edited, emotion filled slideshow on our time.

Q: How long will it take to make my Event Slideshow?
A: Once everything has been received and reviewed, it typically takes around 2 weeks to complete your photo slideshow. Keep in mind that if you are choosing an Extra Large package this time frame may need to be 3-4 weeks. We also want to note that at times throughout the year we will be busier than others which will have an impact on turnaround time (May/June for graduations and weddings, November/December for holidays).

Q: My event is less than two weeks away, can I still order?
A: Our policy is to charge a 20% additional fee to accommodate a rush orders. Of course, each situation will need to be evaluated to determine if we can meet your deadline. Please contact our office to discuss your needs.

Q: How do I get my materials sent to you?
A: If you are in the local area, we will meet and exchange your material. If you are outside of the local area, you will mail your items to our studio ? please follow these guidelines.
1)Send your package with a trackable carrier, such as USPS, UPS or Fed Ex and you may want to consider putting insurance on it.
2)Use padded materials to protect your valuable items during shipping. And we suggest you place your items in zip lock bags to protect against moisture, this includes photos, videotapes, music CDs and memory/USB sticks.
3) Place your numbered photos for each audio track in a separate paper envelope. It is best to number your photos on the back or user sticky notes ? placing them only on the back of the photo. Each envelope will contain the photos to be displayed for that music selection. Once you have your song and photos separated, place them into another zip lock bag. If you have many zip lock bags, we suggest you put cardboard between them for extra protection during shipping. We also suggest adding cardboard between photos that are larger sizes, such as 8x10s and 5x7s.
4) Be certain to place the Slideshow Order Form in the box with your materials.
5) Finally, wrap your entire order in padded material, such as bubble wrap before placing it in a sturdy box for added protection during shipping.

Q: Will my photos and other material be returned in the same condition I sent them in?
A: Yes, we understand that your photos and other materials are precious and irreplaceable to you, so we guarantee to treat them as if they were our own. Your entire order is placed into a plastic, sealed bin and left in the zip lock bags until we work on your order. We will return all your items in the same condition as we received them, using the original packing material and box. Return shipping is just $20 for your materials.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept personal checks and credit cards.

Q: When is my payment due?
A: To protect ourselves, one half of the total order is due before work can begin. Please include this amount with your materials and order form. The remainder of the payment will be due upon completion of the project. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Will my DVD play in any DVD player?
A: DVD players today are very standard and we find that our DVD format is compatible with over 98% of all DVD players. If you have any difficulty in playing your DVD, please contact us and we will exchange it.

Q: How will I project my slideshow onto a large screen?
A: It is a good idea to project your slideshow onto a big screen if you have a large audience. If you are viewing the slideshow at a wedding reception, you may want to check with the church for such equipment, as many churches today have full projection systems to accommodate your request.

If you plan to view your slideshow somewhere else (hotel, restaurant, or reception hall) speak to your representative for the establishment. Many facilities today have the equipment you will need to project onto a large screen. If not, you may want to try your local yellow pages for rental equipment. Items you will need are LCD projector and a laptop or a big screen television with DVD player.

Q: What are titles and captions?
A: Titles and captions are added to your slideshow to help the audience follow the story.
Title: Text that introduces a group of photos and is usually added before a slide.
Captions: A label or quote defining a specific slide and it appears on that slide.
Titles and captions are defined when you fill out the Slideshow Order Form.

Q: How do I pick the length of my slideshow?
A: The length of your slideshow should depend on your audience and where you are showing it. A slideshow that will be shown at a party could be 10-20 minutes in length. It is not recommended to go longer than 20 minutes when an audience is involved. If you are creating a slideshow as a gift and no audience is going to be watching it, the length can as long as you like. Keep in mind you can mix photos and video clips to create a longer slideshow.

Photo Questions

Q: How many photos do I need for my slideshow?
A: As a general guideline, photos are displayed about 9 seconds, including the transition. Our custom edited slideshows do not have specific a time for each photo, rather we use different time lengths for your different photos to creating the best emotional impact.

Here is how to decide how many photos can be used in your slideshow: 5 minutes = 300 seconds; divide 300 seconds by 9 seconds (for each photo) = 33 photos. As mentioned earlier, photos are displayed for about 9 seconds in the slideshow per photo (which includes transaction time). So, if you know your song is 3 minutes long, you will multiply 3 x 60 (60 seconds in a minute) and then divide that by 9. You will see that you can have approximately 20 photos for that song, if one photo is used per slide. We ask that you have additional photos because of the pan and zoom and other motions of our custom created slideshows are dynamic enough to have several photos per slide, so an additional 10 photos per 5 minute video. Another tip is that if the song is a really fast up-beat song, use 7 seconds per photo instead of 9, so you can see that you will need even more photos for your 3 minute song.

Q: What size of photos can be included in the slideshow?
A: Any size photos up to 8x10?. Please do not cut the photo into shapes or cut individuals out of a photo. Odd shapes do not display well in a slideshow.

Q: Can negatives and slides be used? How about newspaper articles or other documents?
A: Absolutely, we scan photos, negatives, slides, newspaper articles, and documents for use in any slideshow. View our Scanning Services for more details on sizes of negatives and slides. Items can be up to 8x10? in size.

Q: Can I use black and white photos?
A: Yes, in fact some slideshow from earlier years are entirely in black and white photos. For a more modern look, we can add color to one or more items in the photo to give it a stunning look!

Q: What does photo enhancement mean?
A: Photo enhancement is included with every package we offer and allows each of your photographs to look its best. Each photo whether scanned or digital image is enhanced with our tools to fix any flaws. Faded, scratched, torn and yellowed pictures are restored. It also included cropping, color adjustments, red eye correction, light intensity, and contract. No matter the condition of your old photos, we do all we can to bring it back to life. These digitally enhanced photos are added to your package on a Photo CD, ready to print, enlarge and enjoy. Click here for photo enhancement examples.

Q: Will photos be cropped?
A: In many cases we feel it is better to crop busy items out of the photo. This allows you to focus on the main subject in the photo. People will not be cropped out unless we are instructed to do so.

Q: Can you pan and zoom photos?
A: Absolutely! This is the most interesting and effective way to spice up your event slideshow! We use pan and zoom often to create motion and add significant visual appeal without detracting from your photo.

Q: What is the significance of the beginning and ending photo?
A: These two photos help convey the meaning of the slideshow and should evoke an emotional response. These are the two most important photos.

Q: What is the best order for my photos?
A: This process is entirely your decision; however here are a few ideas for you.

A biography slideshow can be setup in chronological order:
1. Childhood
2. Young adulthood
3. Marriage
4. Children
5. Grandchildren and Senior Years

A slideshow for a wedding reception will have sections for each the bride and groom:
1. Bride's childhood & family photos
2. Groom's childhood & family photos
3. Couple's early photos together thru engagement
4. Wedding party and friends photos
5. Couple's recent photos

A graduation slideshow may be chronological but broke down into shorter periods:
1. Birth thru preschool
2. Elementary school
3. Middle school
4. High school
5. Graduation photos

Q: How do I mark the order of my photos?
A: Your photos must be clearly marked as to which order they need to be in. Digitally Yours staff will not know what order you want the photos to appear in the slideshow. Here are a few ways we suggest to organize your photos. Write the number in pencil on the back of each photo or place a numbered sticky note on the back of each photo. DO NOT use a regular marker to mark your photos because this can bleed through the photos and DO NOT put the sticky notes on the front of the photo, as it may leave residue on the photo. DO NOT tape your photos to sheet of paper.

If you would like a set of photos to be displayed during a song, but are not particular about the order of the photos, just place the photos in a baggie and label them with the song you wish them viewed with. For digital photos you will use the Slideshow Order Form and list the order of your photos by name of the digital file.

Q: Do I need to specific the exact number of photos for each song?
A: No, this would be impossible for you to do. Our custom edited slideshows do not have specific a time for each photo, rather we use different time lengths for your different photos, so our experts will fit your photos to the songs of your choice. We also try to match sight (certain photos) with sound (lyrics of the song) to create an emotional impact.

Q: How do I send digital photo?
A: A CD, memory stick our USB flash drive can be used to send us your digital photos. Emailing of digital only sends a compressed file and therefore is not a good option when looking for quality of your finished product.

Q: Can I scan my own photo?
A: Yes, you are welcome to scan your own photos, however there charge of the package will remain the same. We prefer to scan all photos to get optimum perfection for your DVD slideshow. We use professional grade scanners which produce high resolution images. If you are scanning your own photos, we recommend these guidelines; 4x6 or larger should be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi, 3 ½ x 5 or smaller should be scanned at 400 dpi and 2 ½ x 2 ½ at a minimum of 600 dpi, and anything smaller should be at 720 dpi.

Music Questions

Q: How do I select songs for my slideshow?
A: We have a great selection of songs ideas defined for different themes. Check out our song selections page. Selection of music is one of the most important decisions of the slideshow. Music keeps the audience's attention, sets the tone and creates emotional impact.

Your music selection, along with your photos will cause a range of emotion from tears to laughter. Select music that fits your theme or subject. If the slideshow is for a 50th Anniversary and you start off with photos from the 1950's, select music from that era as well. If your slideshow is for a Graduation, select music that is a favorite of the graduate.

Q: How many songs do I need?
A: This depends on the package you choose. View the suggested number of song for each package on our pricing page. We typically ask for enough song to be certain we cover the length of your slideshow.

Q: Do I need to provide the music for my DVD slideshow?
A: Yes, to stay square with copyright laws, you must provide us with all your own music selections. All purchased music, purchased or legal download, comes with the right to make one backup of the song for personal use. We trust that the copy you are bringing to us to use in your slideshow is your legal copy for backup purposes. This music selection can be used as long as you are not charging admission to view your slideshow; you are showing it to privately to family and friends only; and your slideshow is not mass produced, resold or recopied. See our copyright resources for more details.
Q: How do I provide you with the music?
A: The original CD or a burned copy of your music may be provided with the selection clearly marked. We do not accept MP3s.

Q: If I do not have a particular song, can you download it for me?
A: Yes, we can purchase and download 1 or 2 song per slideshow on your behalf. The fee of the music download will be $3.00 and you will received a CD with this music selection as part of your final package. We ask that you bring us a majority of your music selections and agree to download only one to two songs per package. We will also note that there are many varieties of the each song on the download sites and you will be leaving it up to our discretion to download the version we choose.

Video Questions

Q: What is a video clip? And how are they used?
A: Short video from your home movies can be used in the slideshow to add impact and diversity to your show. It is recommended to limit your video clips to 1-2 minutes. Include the video tape(s) with your other materials, define where in the slideshow you would like the clip played and clearly define the content of the video clip to ensure we edit the correct portion into your slideshow.

Q: What type of video tapes are accepted?
A: Our video transfer formats are VHS, VHS-C, Video 8 (8mm), Hi8 and Mini DV.

Event Slideshow FAQ